Fabulous Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles have always been a popular and sexy look that practically anyone can pull off successfully. Layered hairstyles are both elegant and beautiful and can create a level of volume even for the thinnest of hair textures. The feature many women love most about their layered hairstyle is not only how great they look but how easy they are to maintain, there is so little maintenance or products needed to create this natural and sexy look. No matter how long or short your hair is, layering is always a great option.

Short Hair: The great thing about having short hair for 2008 is that texturizing is very popular! By choosing to have layers in your short hairstyle, whether you have a bob or something similar you have the fun option of being able to create the fun and messy looks with great products such as the Pantene Pro V Texturizing line of sprays, gels and pomades. You can choose to have the ever popular side swept bangs if you are happiest with bangs or no bangs at all. Whether you like to flip your hair out or just create that extra volume from underneath, the options with this type of hairstyle are practically limitless.

Medium Hair: You can also achieve the textured look with medium hair lengths, of course not to the extent of short hair but the options are still there. The back of the hairstyle is generally tapered and the sides are layered and bangs are again optional. Bangs add a great framing for any facial shape which makes this hairstyle perfect for anyone to try. This longer look allows you to still pull your hair up at times and leave it down and textured for the rest of the time. You still have the option for waves or curls but it can be a bit harder to achieve depending on the amount of layers you have.

Long Hair: Long and choppy layers can really thin out your hair and make it straighter if you have thick and uncontrollable hair. Layers enable you to still have the long locks that you love but created with a sense of definition and style that plain long hair cannot achieve. You can choose to have long and blended layers for your hair or shorter and more chopped for that added definition. Either way, this style has a way of framing your face, no matter what facial shape you posses.

Depending on the type of layers you choose to have you will find that all it takes is a quick blow dry in the morning and that is the extent of your hair maintenance. For shorter hairstyles with layers, there is a bit more work involved to achieve the textured and define style you may desire. Of course the more you work on your hair, the quicker you will be able to achieve the look you want in the morning with little effort.

It is important to discuss the details of your future layered look with your hairstylist because although this look is quite versatile there are some hair textures out there which may not react positively to this style. The great thing about layers is that they will always grow out, so if it turns out it was not what you wanted or you are tired are maintaining your short layers, grow them out! The hottest look of 2008 is the straight look and this can be achieved by having layers in your hair. This actually makes it easier to straighten your hair and have it remain straight all day. Take these layered hairstyles into consideration the next time you go to the hairstylists.

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